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Senate Passes Trillion Dollar Spending Bill…

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Obama has already stated that he’ll sign the bill. “The bill puts the government on track to create a $1.5 trillion deficit in annual spending projected by the Office of Management and Budget this past summer.” – Foxnews.com Fiscal responsibility?  The old ways of Washington are over?  Obama was to usher in a new era in transparency and government responsibility,… Read more »

Healthcare: “Death Panels” Fact and Fiction.

There has been a lot of confusion about what Sarah Palin meant when she referred to “death panels” being a part of Obama’s healthcare plan. There are misleading fictions: There’s this view:  The author of this blog who goes by the pen-name “Sweet Machine” writes in short that there’s really no such thing as death panels in Obama’s healthcare plan…. Read more »

United States Only Industrialized Nation… Healthcare Debate

I was discussing the Obama Administration’s Government Health Care Plan with a c0-worker just the other day.  He is strongly in favor of government run healthcare.  He said two things by way of argument for why we ought to have government run healthcare. His main argument: “The United States is the only industrialized nation on Earth that does not have… Read more »

An Obama Presidency, Another Perspective

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This video speaks for itself.  He’s good.  It’s fresh, and all too true.  Not all young, black Americans are Obama supporters.   If you support Obama, what is your response to the healthcare issue this man raises?  If you support Obama what do you say to a man like this?

I Will Not Vote For Barack Obama: Two Reasons

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  An Obama presidency, I believe,  would be detrimental to this country in several ways.  Two of them could potentially put the country in such a bind as to take years and years to recover from (if ever).  Here follows my thoughts concerning those two things.   Universal Healthcare.  The first major reason why I would not vote for Obama… Read more »