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Lord of the Rings Book Talk 5 | The Elven Rings of Power & Frodo’s Vision!

Tezi & I just finished reading The Fellowship of the Ring!, the first volume of The Lord of the Rings trilogy. We here discuss some fun topics from the end-sections of the Fellowship and we hope that you enjoy listening in. We’d love for you to join our conversation here! Please feel free to comment and add your own input!… Read more »

Lord of the Rings Book Talk 4 | The Trickery of Saruman & More!

Tezi & I discuss some fun questions from The Fellowship of the Ring. We talk about Saruman and how he was able to avoid being discovered as “evil” for so long. We also talk about the fun “gift giving” scene when Galadriel gives each of the members of the Fellowship a gift, most especially Gimli’s request and the history behind… Read more »

Lord of the Rings Book Talk 3 | Tom Bombadil? & Destroying the Ring?

If your exposure to the Lord of the Rings has been through the Peter Jackson films alone, than you will have likely never heard of the name (or person) Tom Bombadil.  In the book The Fellowship of the Ring, however, Tom Bombadil is an important character for at least two full chapters of the book, and his name/person comes up… Read more »

Fellowship of the Ring Book Talk 2 | Tolkien & Memory

Tezi and I are introducing the beginning of a series of videos on The Lord of the Rings in which we hope to discuss various topics that either interest us or in some way bring about a discussion between the two of us. We hope that you find the discussions informative. if not entertaining. We encourage you to read The… Read more »

Fellowship of the Ring | Book Talk, Car Talk!

On our most recent camping trip Tezi and I began reading The Lord of the Rings.  Here we are reading it by the fire on one of the nights out under the stars: It’s been an engrossing experience for me and quite an enjoyable experience for Tezi.  As I’ve noted before on this blog, I have read The Lord of… Read more »

Deep into his heart…

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“But to Sam the evening deepened to darkness as he stood at the Haven; and as he looked at the grey sea he saw only a shadow in the waters that was soon lost in the West. There he stood far into the night, hearing only the sigh and murmur of the waves on the shores of Middle-Earth, and the… Read more »

Paris Review – One Ring to Rule Them All, Sadie Stein

Tolkien’s view of love

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It is no news to Tolkien fans that the elven princess Luthien Tenuviel was first seen by the man that would love her forever as she danced among the trees. Tolkien himself recalls in that fictional story the fact that he once saw his own true life love, Edith, as she too danced among the trees. Love is beautiful. It… Read more »

The Cost of Our Freedom…

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The priest this morning in church referenced The Lord of the Rings.  I know God speaks to us in these days.  He speaks to me.  As is seen in this morning’s sermon.  Frodo, unable to get rid of the Ring on his own, had to have it ripped from his body (at the loss of his finger) in order for… Read more »

Three things for which I am thankful…

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1. The Lord of the Rings score by Howard Shore.  2.  The Kite Runner, an amazing novel.  3.  Time to read and reflect on life. 3:33pm Let’s hold to our promises.