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The Healthcare Pill We’ll Soon Be Choking On…

Dan Mitchell presents some reasons why the government take-over of healthcare so destructive to our nation. He also has some ideas concerning tax reform that are worth looking into.

Healthcare: Time to Feed the Beast

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Charles Krauthammer wrote this piece a couple days ago.  It’s must reading for all. He explains the almost inevitable next move of Obama to pay for this mammoth new government healthcare program.  What is that next move?  A brand new tax.  It’s called a Value Added Tax (VAT) and it basically amounts to a national sales tax on virtually everything… Read more »

Spreading the Wealth Around, Obama’s Ideals

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Redistribution of wealth, otherwise known as spreading the wealth around, otherwise known as state-run welfare, otherwise known as Marxist economic theory, otherwise known as an idea contrary to the capitalistic, free-market American Way of economics- a theoretical system seen at work in places like the former Soviet Union- is now seen as the ideal held by the current Democratic Presidential… Read more »