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So What If Abortion Ends a Life? (A Response)

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In her article “So What If Abortion Ends a Life,” Mary Elizabeth Williams writes:  ~~~Of all the diabolically clever moves the anti-choice lobby has ever pulled, surely one of the greatest has been its consistent co-opting of the word “life.” Life! Who wants to argue with that? Who wants be on the side of … not-life? That’s why the language… Read more »

Obama & Abortion

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[Some of the women in my life most dear to me have had abortions.  What follows is not a moral indictment against any one of them or you, dear reader, for I am no judge.  But for the grace of God, there go I.  Moreover, we all have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God.  Rather, what follows is first intended… Read more »

The Queen is Dead

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In 1986 Stephen Patrick Morrissey proclaimed that the Queen of England is dead.  Are we now to proclaim that constitutional federalism is dead in America- that the American Way is lost forever?  Has our ‘queen’ died? Insidious, incremental progression towards centralized, socialistic, national government. Nationalization of a large portion of our financial system with the bailout, not to mention the… Read more »