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Healthcare: Forced Upon Us All

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Fees, taxes, prices have increased steadily for as long as I’ve been alive.  Government takes more and more of my paycheck to fund many things I don’t even agree with.  With this Healthcare bill being rammed through Congress the government is about to take even more.  You and I will be forced to purchase health insurance if this bill passes,… Read more »

Healthcare: “Death Panels” Fact and Fiction.

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There has been a lot of confusion about what Sarah Palin meant when she referred to “death panels” being a part of Obama’s healthcare plan. There are misleading fictions: There’s this view:  The author of this blog who goes by the pen-name “Sweet Machine” writes in short that there’s really no such thing as death panels in Obama’s healthcare plan…. Read more »

How To Make Government More Effective

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Let’s face it Obama has a lot on his plate.  The economic issues facing this country alone are enough to make anyone break a sweat, yet Obama has also to deal with the growing war in Afghanistan, the out of control drug wars along the Mexican American border, Iran’s movement towards nuclear armament, Pakistan’s fate, illegal immigration, and oh did… Read more »

Great Country, Not-So-Great Government…

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We, Americans, live in a great country.  We do not live under a great government. We live under a great Constitution.  We do not live under a Constitution that is upheld and interpreted rightly. We enjoy many freedoms as Americans.  We suffer the erosion of many of those freedoms right before our eyes. President Obama is a symbol of growth… Read more »

An Obama Presidency, Another Perspective

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This video speaks for itself.  He’s good.  It’s fresh, and all too true.  Not all young, black Americans are Obama supporters.   If you support Obama, what is your response to the healthcare issue this man raises?  If you support Obama what do you say to a man like this?

Obama, Feinstein, and… McCain… Bosom Buddies?

  If Diane Feinstein (Senator from California) and Barack Obama were in a room together- they’d get along really well.  And this shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.  Both are self-avowed liberal Democrats.  If John McCain were to walk in the room and the three began discussing the Bail-Out plan they’d also, seemingly, get along really well.  In fact, they’d… Read more »