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Nuclear Inspectors Booted Out of N. Korea

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  Just a day after the U.N. issues its condemnation of N. Korea’s missile launch N. Korea kicks out international nuclear inspectors.  Maybe the language used in the resolution wasn’t threatening enough.  Maybe they included one too few ‘reallys’ when they said “we, the United Nations, really really really really really really mean it this time—you better stop your nuclear… Read more »

The Obama Response to North Korea: 2 Wrongs Make A Right?

  Obama’s response to N. Korea is wrong in at least two ways: 01.  Instead of taking action with our allies, Obama awaits answers from the “international community” (whatever that is- you tell me; I beg you) and the U.N.  The U.N. is still unable to come to any decision (shocking?).  Indecision is the same as not acting at all- and this is… Read more »

Obama, A Diplomacy Problem…

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  Russia, China, Pakistan (the Russ-Chi-Pak issue). Russia, under the unyielding fist of Vladimir Putin, is still wearing communist undergarments under a democratic jump suit.  Though communism per se may not be in Russia’s near future, the stringent restrictions on personal freedom, the government dominance in most spheres of Russian life echo much of what the mantle of Communism had… Read more »