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Support Continued Production of the F-22

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Though Obama is seemingly unable to say no to any spending bill that comes across his desk, he has no problem cutting spending on one of the most important facets of our national security: the F-22 Raptor, 5th generation tactical fighter jet.   I believe Obama is wrong to want to cut funding for more F-22’s.  Here’s someone with more… Read more »

The Queen is Dead

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In 1986 Stephen Patrick Morrissey proclaimed that the Queen of England is dead.  Are we now to proclaim that constitutional federalism is dead in America- that the American Way is lost forever?  Has our ‘queen’ died? Insidious, incremental progression towards centralized, socialistic, national government. Nationalization of a large portion of our financial system with the bailout, not to mention the… Read more »

Obama: Disturbing Pattern, New RNC Commercial

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Can a post-9/11 America really afford to take a chance with a President who befriends Pentagon bombers and who chose to attend an America-bashing church for more than twenty years?

A Rose is Still a Rose… (A Bailout is a Bailout)

Read the actual language of the Senate Bail-out “Rescue” bill, it’s a bailout no matter what sweet words the Congress and the media use to describe it.  They can call it a rescue plan (to rescue who?), an intervention (on whose behalf?), a life-jacket (not for your average Joe American), a Christmas tree (loaded with unrelated nonsense), hell they can… Read more »

Obama, Feinstein, and… McCain… Bosom Buddies?

  If Diane Feinstein (Senator from California) and Barack Obama were in a room together- they’d get along really well.  And this shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.  Both are self-avowed liberal Democrats.  If John McCain were to walk in the room and the three began discussing the Bail-Out plan they’d also, seemingly, get along really well.  In fact, they’d… Read more »