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Kobe Owns Artest/Battier/Insert Name Here

Round 2, Game 3.  Kobe follows up his dazzling 40 point performance with a brilliant 33 in Houston.  Watch the buzzer beater from El Segundo… I think tonight’s victory will be the death nail to Houston’s hopes.  I predict another Laker victory in game 4, which will all but decide the series as the Lakers come home to L.A. to… Read more »

Iron & Wine plays Los Angeles (and I can’t go…)

The man who is my favorite singer/songwriter with an acoustic guitar and winner of the “most likely to be playing in Jeremy’s ear for the past several years” award is performing tonight and tomorrow night in Los Angeles.  It quite honestly puts a frown on my face to be unable to attend either show.   His name is Sam Beam…. Read more »

It’s Still Kobe’s NBA… (38 against the Jazz)

Kobe’s Lakers: One Down, Fifteen To Go

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