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Glimpse a Fun Night!

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Jer and Tez give you 30 seconds of smiles from a fun night in southern California.   We wish you all such joyous moments in your own lives, even now. And please, share them with us!

A New Way To See Time: Self-Help Made Easy as 1:23

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Here’s a fun and very easy way to bring some more meaning into your life- to help you stay focused throughout the day on things that matter to you.  Here goes! Let certain times throughout the day remind you of things you’d like to be reminded about. Many of you may already know of a couple of these.  11:11 (when… Read more »

Eight Books to Begin a Personal Library for Young Men…

The list was originally going to be for young people regardless of sex, but when considering the different books, I kept getting different results when the intended audience was a female versus a male.  Perhaps a list for young women will someday follow.  For now, Enjoy these selections!  They’ve been quite formative in my own life.  I can hope that… Read more »