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CNN Downplays Terrorist Link

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News item: a terrorist with ties to al Qaeda, wielding an Axe and knife, broke into the home of a Danish cartoonist who five years ago had published a cartoon that depicted Muhammad wearing a bomb-shaped turban. The terrorist, unable to get at the cartoonist who was in a safe-room with his young granddaughter built especially for terror attacks like this… Read more »

‘Very Confident,’ Too Bad Obama Isn’t

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The Tea Parties Could Not Be Ignored…

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  Those of liberal persuasion will do their best to minimize and even mock the tea parties.  However, let these three truths be known: They were unable to ignore the Tea Parties completely (this cannot be overstated). Every movement must begin somewhere. Every person who attended a tea party represents a hundred others who were unable to be present.  Though… Read more »