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Turn your smartphone into a laptop for less than $40 – No Joke

Tezi and I unbox and review this incredibly useful wireless keyboard from Logitech, which allowed me to turn my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 smartphone into my “laptop” computer for well over two years! And yes, with this little keyboard you can do it too!  It works with any Android device (smartphone, or tablet), or any Windows device… so it’s very… Read more »

Pop-Culture: Opiate of the American Masses

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  The Russians under Lenin and then Stalin had their Christian faith, Russian Orthodoxy, to weather the ever-growing tyrannical regime.  From his observations of their faithful adherence to God under all circumstances, even the most torturous, Stalin came to agree with Marx’s statement that religion is the opiate of the masses- the numbing medication that allowed his vicious actions to… Read more »