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Still Debating Healthcare? Yes, Obama Won’t Drop it…

CNN Downplays Terrorist Link

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News item: a terrorist with ties to al Qaeda, wielding an Axe and knife, broke into the home of a Danish cartoonist who five years ago had published a cartoon that depicted Muhammad wearing a bomb-shaped turban. The terrorist, unable to get at the cartoonist who was in a safe-room with his young granddaughter built especially for terror attacks like this… Read more »

Obama: Seven Deadly Sins

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Obama: Seven things he got wrong (at least so far). 01.  Healthcare:  instead of ramming through an excessive social spending bill that the vast majority of Americans do NOT support, Obama should have listened to the voice of the people and killed the bill and his efforts to pass it. He could have then devoted more time to truly pressing… Read more »

Support Continued Production of the F-22

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Though Obama is seemingly unable to say no to any spending bill that comes across his desk, he has no problem cutting spending on one of the most important facets of our national security: the F-22 Raptor, 5th generation tactical fighter jet.   I believe Obama is wrong to want to cut funding for more F-22’s.  Here’s someone with more… Read more »

Nuclear Inspectors Booted Out of N. Korea

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  Just a day after the U.N. issues its condemnation of N. Korea’s missile launch N. Korea kicks out international nuclear inspectors.  Maybe the language used in the resolution wasn’t threatening enough.  Maybe they included one too few ‘reallys’ when they said “we, the United Nations, really really really really really really mean it this time—you better stop your nuclear… Read more »

A Conversation with Kim Jong Il. (A True Story)

Aide to Kim Jong Il:  “Most benevolent lordship, I have news to present to thee.” Kim Jong Il:  “Speak, citizen of mine.” Aide to Kim Jong Il:  “The United Nations has come to a decision concerning our missile launch.” Kim Jong Il:  “Send my female slaves back to their cages—the sensual massage will have to wait—this will require my direct… Read more »

Ten Things to Consider: Obama Nation

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01.  …five days later and Obama has yet to take any action against N. Korea. 02.  Pakistan, and all its nukes, is on the verge of collapse/chaos and Obama still promotes Defense spending cuts. 03.  A United States citizen is, even as I write this, held captive by pirates off the coast of Somalia… and Obama still promotes Defense spending… Read more »