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Healthcare: Forced Upon Us All

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Fees, taxes, prices have increased steadily for as long as I’ve been alive.  Government takes more and more of my paycheck to fund many things I don’t even agree with.  With this Healthcare bill being rammed through Congress the government is about to take even more.  You and I will be forced to purchase health insurance if this bill passes,… Read more »

The Government, They Don’t Speak For Us…

Never have Thom Yorke’s lyrics been more true: “A heart that’s filled up like a landfill, a job that slowly kills you, bruises that won’t heal. You look so tired happy, bring down the government, they don’t speak for us… I’ll take a quiet life, a handshake of carbon monoxide, and no alarms and no surprises…” This memorable video depicts… Read more »

Stop the Democrats’ Healthcare Bill Now, or Future Haitis Will Suffer…

The more we bludgeon the private sector, the less aid we’ll be able to provide to places like Haiti in the future. We can never forget the reason the United States has always been able to come to the aid of devastated, 3rd world, poverty-stricken nations: the United States itself is not a poverty-stricken, 3rd world nation. Thanks primarily to a… Read more »

Obama: Seven Deadly Sins

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Obama: Seven things he got wrong (at least so far). 01.  Healthcare:  instead of ramming through an excessive social spending bill that the vast majority of Americans do NOT support, Obama should have listened to the voice of the people and killed the bill and his efforts to pass it. He could have then devoted more time to truly pressing… Read more »

Senate Passes Trillion Dollar Spending Bill…

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Obama has already stated that he’ll sign the bill. “The bill puts the government on track to create a $1.5 trillion deficit in annual spending projected by the Office of Management and Budget this past summer.” – Foxnews.com Fiscal responsibility?  The old ways of Washington are over?  Obama was to usher in a new era in transparency and government responsibility,… Read more »

Expect the Same, Get the Same? (Or Get Even Less?)

You might be surprised who wrote the following words and when. “When I consider the weakness, the folly, the Pride, the Vanity, the Selfishness, the Artifice, the low craft and meaning cunning, the want of Principle, the Avarice, the unbounded Ambition, the unfeeling Cruelty of a majority of those (in all Nations) who are allowed an aristocratical influence; and on… Read more »

If America Loses, An Obama Presidency

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Fred Barnes wrote a chilling opinion piece in today’s Wall Street Journal.  It’s well worth reading as either an apacolyptic preview, or as a warning to those who would want to prepare themselves, or perhaps even as a call to action to those who believe it is not yet too late. A sharp lurch to the left and enactment of… Read more »

A Rose is Still a Rose… (A Bailout is a Bailout)

Read the actual language of the Senate Bail-out “Rescue” bill, it’s a bailout no matter what sweet words the Congress and the media use to describe it.  They can call it a rescue plan (to rescue who?), an intervention (on whose behalf?), a life-jacket (not for your average Joe American), a Christmas tree (loaded with unrelated nonsense), hell they can… Read more »

Bail-out Bad Idea: There ARE Alternatives

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I’d like to offer two ideas that are better alternatives to the current bail-out plan.  Combined I think it’d be the best route towards solving the current crisis and, something the current plan does not do, insuring that we don’t end up here again.     Alternatives to the current Bush/Paulson bail-out plan:       The Pinkerton Plan An idea that… Read more »