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Why “War on Terror” is Neccessary

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Robert Scheer wrote a provocative and in places accurate piece concerning our homeland security in the face of ‘stealth underwear.’ However, his larger point  runs amiss.  He basically calls for a cease-fire on U.S. military action against terrorism.  He thinks we ought to focus solely on our security against the likes of suicide-underwear bombers, to the exclusion of, as he… Read more »

4 Reasons Obama Blew It: Bush Legal Adviser Inquiry

  01.  Obama’s Justice Department will have to prove that the Bush lawyers didn’t believe their own legal arguments justifying the interrogation techniques.  In short, the legal basis for these potential prosecutions is extremely tenuous—I haven’t yet read anywhere what law or laws these lawyers are accused of breaking. 02.  The “hearings” already being talked about will amount to nothing… Read more »

Obama, A Week in Reflection

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  Though Obama might still be in what some would call a “honeymoon” period, this past week has highlighted the now only-too-obvious fact that whatever Obama’s Presidency will ultimately be, it will not be free from regret and embarrassment.  Those who swallowed his campaign slogans of “Change” and “Hope” like so many maraschino cherries might now be feeling their undigested… Read more »

Stimulus Bill… (A Bad Case of Deja Vu)

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Just four little months ago President Bush was on TV pleading with the American people and Congress that if we didn’t “Act fast” by approving the Bail-Out bill (remember the urgency to save the banks that were deemed too big to fail?) that the coming recession would turn bitterly dire, perhaps catastrophic.   Well guess what?  Congress did “act fast”… Read more »

Why I Call Myself A Liberal; A Response

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Someone related to me, who shall remain nameless for the time being, wrote five reasons for why he calls himself a Liberal.  I thought I’d write a brief response to each.  Just for fun. 1.  I don’t use my religious beliefs to promote global ideologies…(I think actually Republicans call those people terrorists when they’re from another country – when Bush does it he calls it promoting… Read more »

Bail-Out 2.0 (We The People Were Right)

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So the Treasury has announced a “new” plan to inject capital into some of these struggling institutions.  Does this mean we can completely dispose of the first plan?  Regardless, at least there’s some thought going on up there in Washington.  Some. James Pinkerton, my man, says of the new plan: The new Bush plan is much superior to the first…. Read more »

Rescuing the Bailout- Political Word Games

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The Bailout bill will likely pass in the House as Republicans like Zach Wamp concede defeat, and even use misleading language to help rationalize their capitulation. “I voted against a bad bailout bill on Monday, and will now vote for a better rescue plan, not because I like it or want to, but because we fought as hard as we… Read more »

A Rose is Still a Rose… (A Bailout is a Bailout)

Read the actual language of the Senate Bail-out “Rescue” bill, it’s a bailout no matter what sweet words the Congress and the media use to describe it.  They can call it a rescue plan (to rescue who?), an intervention (on whose behalf?), a life-jacket (not for your average Joe American), a Christmas tree (loaded with unrelated nonsense), hell they can… Read more »

Bail-out Bad Idea: There ARE Alternatives

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I’d like to offer two ideas that are better alternatives to the current bail-out plan.  Combined I think it’d be the best route towards solving the current crisis and, something the current plan does not do, insuring that we don’t end up here again.     Alternatives to the current Bush/Paulson bail-out plan:       The Pinkerton Plan An idea that… Read more »