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Kobe Owns Artest/Battier/Insert Name Here

Round 2, Game 3.  Kobe follows up his dazzling 40 point performance with a brilliant 33 in Houston.  Watch the buzzer beater from El Segundo… I think tonight’s victory will be the death nail to Houston’s hopes.  I predict another Laker victory in game 4, which will all but decide the series as the Lakers come home to L.A. to… Read more »

Kobe Bryant Owns the NBA… MVP, Baby

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It’s Kobe’s league.  Still.  Lebron’s time might be coming soon… but it’s not yet.  It’s still Kobe’s league. I have been blessed to witness some of the greatest players in sports history in their prime.  I watched Barry Sanders amaze and dazzle onlookers and opponents alike with a running talent and style that still gives me the chills to watch…. Read more »