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Liberty given… Liberty taken…

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Creating a New Society for Our Chrildren

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A Roadmap For America’s Future

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It’s not perfect, but it would be a step in the right direction.  Yet, I think there’s no way we’ll see such legislation enacted in our lifetimes.  I pray that I am very wrong. Even the author of the legislation, Paul Ryan, has stated as much in interviews.  He knows the political landscape would have to change drastically before such… Read more »

Expect the Same, Get the Same? (Or Get Even Less?)

You might be surprised who wrote the following words and when. “When I consider the weakness, the folly, the Pride, the Vanity, the Selfishness, the Artifice, the low craft and meaning cunning, the want of Principle, the Avarice, the unbounded Ambition, the unfeeling Cruelty of a majority of those (in all Nations) who are allowed an aristocratical influence; and on… Read more »

Pop-Culture: Opiate of the American Masses

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  The Russians under Lenin and then Stalin had their Christian faith, Russian Orthodoxy, to weather the ever-growing tyrannical regime.  From his observations of their faithful adherence to God under all circumstances, even the most torturous, Stalin came to agree with Marx’s statement that religion is the opiate of the masses- the numbing medication that allowed his vicious actions to… Read more »

Great Country, Not-So-Great Government…

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We, Americans, live in a great country.  We do not live under a great government. We live under a great Constitution.  We do not live under a Constitution that is upheld and interpreted rightly. We enjoy many freedoms as Americans.  We suffer the erosion of many of those freedoms right before our eyes. President Obama is a symbol of growth… Read more »