I Will Not Vote For Barack Obama: Two Reasons

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  An Obama presidency, I believe,  would be detrimental to this country in several ways.  Two of them could potentially put the country in such a bind as to take years and years to recover from (if ever).  Here follows my thoughts concerning those two things.   Universal Healthcare.  The first major reason why I would not vote for Obama… Read more »

Back to School, Harry Potter, and Islam…

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So September 9th marks the day that just about all California school children go back to school, if they haven’t already done so.  With them go many of my hopes.  I still hold on to faith.  I still believe.  But it’s getting harder to stay strong.   Some author that I can’t recall right now wrote about a ‘season in… Read more »

Palin is more of a man than a woman…

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A spokeswoman for the National Organization for Women (NOW), noting Palin’s opposition to abortion rights and support of other parts of the social conservative agenda, told Politico, “She’s more a conservative man than she is a woman on women’s issues. Very disappointing.”   So, if I understand the NOW spokeswoman, in order for a woman to be a woman on… Read more »

Radiohead… A Cut Above (Still)

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For those of you who think that Radiohead stopped making good music after OK Computer, I’d recommend you check out their newest album In Rainbows.  Here are the boys performing live a track off of In Rainbows called “Nude.”   Have you heard a band’s live performance more prestine, more masterful in recent memory?

Mainstream Radio is an Insult

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I haven’t listened to mainstream radio for years.  Literally, the last time I purposefully turned on a radio to hear music is out of memory- I’m guessing three to four years ago (if then even).  And why would I devoid myself of such listening pleasure?  Allow me to give a few reasons. Uninteresting, bland, contrived repetition of the same songs… Read more »

Upgrading… or devolving…

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Greetings, my friends and family, Over the next wee bit (‘wee bit’ may be translated as designating a period of time shorter than my life time, but longer than seems appropriate) I will be updating/devolving jdstock.com with some new flashier looking stuff (or it’ll just be different than before)- new colors, new layouts, more HTML/CSS fun for me.  Best of… Read more »

Older Vid Still ‘blowing up’

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  The growing interest in politics as we approach the elections is perhaps the reason a video I made some months ago is yet again garnering a lot of interest and comments.  The video itself having now been seen some 16,000 times.  I thought I’d post it here again for those of you who missed it the first time.  My… Read more »