Rescuing the Bailout- Political Word Games

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The Bailout bill will likely pass in the House as Republicans like Zach Wamp concede defeat, and even use misleading language to help rationalize their capitulation. “I voted against a bad bailout bill on Monday, and will now vote for a better rescue plan, not because I like it or want to, but because we fought as hard as we… Read more »

A Rose is Still a Rose… (A Bailout is a Bailout)

Read the actual language of the Senate Bail-out “Rescue” bill, it’s a bailout no matter what sweet words the Congress and the media use to describe it.  They can call it a rescue plan (to rescue who?), an intervention (on whose behalf?), a life-jacket (not for your average Joe American), a Christmas tree (loaded with unrelated nonsense), hell they can… Read more »

Obama, Feinstein, and… McCain… Bosom Buddies?

  If Diane Feinstein (Senator from California) and Barack Obama were in a room together- they’d get along really well.  And this shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.  Both are self-avowed liberal Democrats.  If John McCain were to walk in the room and the three began discussing the Bail-Out plan they’d also, seemingly, get along really well.  In fact, they’d… Read more »

Bail-Out Rejection by House: The Right Thing To Do

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So today the House voted down the Bail-Out proposal.  Over 90 Democrats and over 90 Republicans voted against the bill.  It was shocking.  It was comforting.  It was the right thing to do.         It was shocking because everyone had just about assumed the vote would be a mere formality, sending it on to the Senate.  The… Read more »

Bail-out Bad Idea: There ARE Alternatives

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I’d like to offer two ideas that are better alternatives to the current bail-out plan.  Combined I think it’d be the best route towards solving the current crisis and, something the current plan does not do, insuring that we don’t end up here again.     Alternatives to the current Bush/Paulson bail-out plan:       The Pinkerton Plan An idea that… Read more »

Easy, Tasty Food. (Healthy Too)

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Maybe wholesome is a better word than ‘healthy.’  Watch the video to see me make one of my favorite dishes.  It’s a brown rice medley of chicken sausage, veggies, and plenty of jalapenos!  It’s filling and flavorful and just a tad spicy.  Let me know what you think of the dish if you happen to make it yourself someday.  I dedicate… Read more »

TheFourFranks: 2nd Teaser Vid

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Pretty much speaks for itself. As sad as that might seem. 🙂 Be sure to check out the main page to subscribe so you won’t miss a moment of what’s to come.

Autumnal Equinox: My Favorite Season Begins

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Though we know the Earth orbits the Sun, the Sun’s apparent trek across the sky from the northern hemisphere to the southern hemisphere (we see this through the length of days changing over the year from longer to shorter) is ‘caught in the middle’ so to speak on exactly two days a year.  One of those days, the Autumnal Equinox, is… Read more »

A New Video Blog

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Here’s the vlog I finished and uploaded to YouTube just an hour ago or so.  I hope you enjoy watching it.  Forgive in advance and love beyond all folly.  “Does the body rule the mind or does the mind rule the body?” I think I need reading glasses.  Finally, after all these years my eyes are giving way.  I notice… Read more »

The Four Franks (Are Coming)

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We at FRANK (the band) are going to begin vlogging (video blogging) on a youtube channel called “TheFourFranks”   You can visit said channel here: I’ll be Mondays.  Meaning I’ll be posting a vlog every Monday that will range from the reflective to the ridiculous.  It’ll be fun and also a motivation for me to vlog, which is something I’ve… Read more »