Impossible Not To Smile

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Jeremy’s FourFranks Vlog

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The Queen is Dead

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In 1986 Stephen Patrick Morrissey proclaimed that the Queen of England is dead.  Are we now to proclaim that constitutional federalism is dead in America- that the American Way is lost forever?  Has our ‘queen’ died? Insidious, incremental progression towards centralized, socialistic, national government. Nationalization of a large portion of our financial system with the bailout, not to mention the… Read more »

Bail-Out 2.0 (We The People Were Right)

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So the Treasury has announced a “new” plan to inject capital into some of these struggling institutions.  Does this mean we can completely dispose of the first plan?  Regardless, at least there’s some thought going on up there in Washington.  Some. James Pinkerton, my man, says of the new plan: The new Bush plan is much superior to the first…. Read more »

Obama: Disturbing Pattern, New RNC Commercial

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Can a post-9/11 America really afford to take a chance with a President who befriends Pentagon bombers and who chose to attend an America-bashing church for more than twenty years?

Government, Gratuitous Growth Irreversible?

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Have we allowed government to grow so large and intrusive as to forbid our ever returning to a state of greater freedom? Has Washington become hardly more than a power machine that churns out ever stronger and taller walls to personal freedom, states’ rights, and a freer market? Walter Williams, syndicated columnist, wrote a fine article (as is usual) on… Read more »

Barack Obama, Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright (Do Associations Matter?)

Remember the outcry after the release of Fahrenheit 911 that showed George W. Bush and the Bush family ‘palling around’ with Saudi Arabian oil princes? Certainly this raised questions about the connections of our President with relation to oil concerns. Associations matter, right? Hillary Clinton thinks so too. Here’s some of what she had to say concerning Obama’s choosing to… Read more »

Obama and Ayers (CNN Report)

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This video is a must see for all voting Americans. CNN is not known for having a conservative bent- just the opposite actually.  It took courage and conviction for CNN to issue this report. Watch the video and decide for yourself whether or not you think Obama’s associations can be so easily shrugged away as the Barack campaign would have… Read more »

Obama Youth: Protecting Citizens from the State

The State has historically been a source of control and power- even tyranny. Why is it that some people who are so quick to react with outrage to a third grade student who mentions God in a school report, or the posting of the Ten Commandments in a school hallway are so comfortable with State/political indoctrination taking place in those… Read more »

Twitter Politics and SNL Logic

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I joined twitter.  Forgive me for I know not what I do.  Follow me? I’ve spent some time in the Twitter Election2008 special section wherein there’s a constant stream of nutshell ‘public opinion.’  The posters are limited to 140 characters or less, which is about 15 to 20 words on average. I’ve written scathing and biting commentaries of machiavellian… Read more »