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My History with Ultimate Frisbee| Disc Vlog #1

Not many people know this, but Tezi and I met while playing ultimate frisbee, and that was almost four years ago. On that day, back in 2012, I was as new to the sport as Tezi was. Though the same perhaps can’t be said for Tezi, I fell in love with the sport. Up to and including now, it’s fair to… Read more »

Cold Water Jumping in Donner Lake, CA! (It’s cold!)

Tezi and I spent last week camping in the Sierra Nevada mountains, in an area north of Yosemite and about an hour and a half south of Lake Tahoe.  Our new secret place, as we like to call it, was basically devoid of any humans besides ourselves, but we did venture out a couple of times into more populated areas.  One… Read more »

Great Inexpensive date idea: Frisbee!

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Jer & Tezi show you how much fun a little disc golf or Ultimate Frisbee can be!  And they’re practically free. Share your inexpensive date ideas; we’d love to learn of more! (Not that we’re poor or anything) 😉 

Today, I surfed for the first time

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Well, I went out into the water to surf…  But I was horrible of course.   It’s going to take some time. But I was able to stand up more than a few times, and I think I can get the hang of it.  Water felt great – wetsuits are amazing…  Was a very refreshing and exhausting endeavor.   Using muscles that… Read more »

Friday night Ultimate: Championship game

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Tonight was the championship game in the Friday night Ultimate Frisbee league in which I was captain of the Orange Team “#OtheD” as we were inexplicably called. We came into tonight’s game having won our semi-final game last week, defeating Blue team for our chance to take on the undefeated Black team for the championship.  Our record was second best… Read more »

Soccer tourney

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Watch “Angelica Felix fulfills dream to play for UCLA” on YouTube

3rd night of ultimate frisbee…

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Barack Obama on Kobe Bryant

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Kobe Owns Artest/Battier/Insert Name Here

Round 2, Game 3.  Kobe follows up his dazzling 40 point performance with a brilliant 33 in Houston.  Watch the buzzer beater from El Segundo… I think tonight’s victory will be the death nail to Houston’s hopes.  I predict another Laker victory in game 4, which will all but decide the series as the Lakers come home to L.A. to… Read more »