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Don’t Stop Believing…

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If you’ve ever wondered whether you have a soul. If you’ve ever doubted the existence of God, if you’ve never doubted… If you’ve never felt your heart leap within you, but want to.  If you’ve never felt a sweet sadness within… Find yourself alone.  Turn off all other lights in the room.  Close the door.  Light a candle or two. … Read more »

Thought Bomb… (Promote Thinking)

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My Favorite Song… It’s by William Fitzsimmons

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My favorite song of the moment is called “Just Not Each Other” by singer, songwriter William Fitzsimmons.  Here’s a live version. I’m moved by the beauty of the intricate guitar amidst William’s soft, disarmingly fragile voice. Yes, you could say he’s a mix between two of my favorites all-time: Iron & Wine and Sufjan Stevens.  But I’m sure Mr. Fitzsimmons… Read more »