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Disappointing Books! & Some Great Alternatives (To Each)

Jeremy’s BookTube channel: MathomBooks is back in action!  Come discuss some books that were really disappointing, and find out some better options instead! Jeremy uses his voice responding to Katie’s video on Disappointing Books! over at Chapterstackss – not only do I discuss those bad books, but also offer some alternative recommendations for each! MathomBooks is back after a long hiatus,… Read more »

Who Rents DVDs Anymore? OldSchool vs NewSchool adventure!

Tezi and I went searching for Last of the Mohicans on DVD the other night, and we quickly realized how easy and how incredible our modern world can be… and how amazing the times are in which we live. We live in the future!  It’s evidenced here in this video.  We hope that you enjoy it! Do you still rent DVDs… Read more »

How To BookTube (In 5 Easy Steps) – Find Your Voice BookTubing!

Do you love reading?  This is for YOU.  Do you love bookstores and great stories?  Come see!  BookTube is a YouTube community all about books and reading!  Come for the books, stay for the people. This latest stockman214 video offers Tips, Tricks, and Advice for BookTubers, or those who want to start BookTubing! Jer & Tezi introduce you to the… Read more »

The Martian film review – by Jer & Tezi

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Tezi and I saw the new Matt Damon film-adaptation of the novel by the same name: The Martian at a pre-screening this morning. We’ll just say right off the bat that you should definitely go see it. We both enjoyed the movie very much. Jeremy had read the book a few months ago and thoroughly enjoyed it – it was… Read more »

Ten Favorite Sci-Fi Novels

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Not in a precise order, but these are some books that I have really enjoyed (lately) within the sci-fi genre. Swan Song by Robert McCammon (This story, though it follows a plot line that has been done many times- the end of the world via cataclysmic world war- it does so in a way that is completely fresh and fascinating…. Read more »