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Live and Let Live

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When I find them in my house I don’t kill spiders that look like all they eat are tiny insects.  If the spider is large enough to bite me, however, I kill it with disgusted satisfaction. There are many things in this life that I want to learn about, too many to list here.  Yet what strikes me most about… Read more »

New LIGHTS Music Video for “Lions!”

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Disneyland in 20 Tweets

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Commercials for Disneyland always say something like, “where memories happen” or “come make memories that will last a lifetime.” I’ve always found those to be rather clichéd and even somewhat grandiose for a theme park to claim.  And perhaps those sorts of things are clichéd, and perhaps it is grandiose on their part, but sometimes memories that will last a… Read more »

For Those Who Have Ever Wanted…

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We pine for that which we do not posses.  In the pining there smolders crimson embers, beyond the quenching waters of imperfect fulfillment.  Burning deep within, protected and nurtured by the sparks of connection, the combustion of common thought, the conflagration of shared experience, recline our untested hopes—our sanguine appraisals. Such are the fantastic dreams of men that tumble them… Read more »

Lights: “February Air”

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Everybody’s Got Somebody…

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When it comes to love, rules spoil the game.  You must understand, dear souls, love is not a game- but you see the point, I hope. I’m standing in the dark With my innocent hand on my heart I’ve changed my plea I’ve changed my plea to guilty Because freedom is wasted on me See how your rules spoil the… Read more »

Two Hearts Sundered By The Rain

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Two hearts.  Each within their home.  Each surrounded by falling rain amid a chill wind.  Each kept, imprisoned—the rain forming a daunting barrier, a restriction to all connection but their thoughts.  His thoughts of her course through his body like a warming flame, covered in the hope that she too feels an inkling of the fire.  Does the rain keep… Read more »

A Letter To My Father…

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Men are capable of caring.  They really are.  They just have to be reminded once in a while that they’re supposed to care.  I can attest to this reality in my own life.  I care deeply about my family.   Yet major life events come and go in the lives of my loved ones and I’m where?  Nowhere to be seen. … Read more »