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Obama, A Week in Reflection

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  Though Obama might still be in what some would call a “honeymoon” period, this past week has highlighted the now only-too-obvious fact that whatever Obama’s Presidency will ultimately be, it will not be free from regret and embarrassment.  Those who swallowed his campaign slogans of “Change” and “Hope” like so many maraschino cherries might now be feeling their undigested… Read more »

In Memory of Alec Peterson

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While I lived and worked in Durango, Colorado as a wilderness therapy field guide I worked with and came to know as a friend a young man by the name of Alec Peterson.  He was found dead yesterday at the age of 23.     Alec was a bright, optimistic, energetic, and friendly young man who was well liked by… Read more »

Where’s the God from the Machine?

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Almost two and a half thousand years ago Greek plays were performed in outdoor theaters in front of audiences sometimes as large as nineteen thousand people.  The Greek dramas were then in many ways what movies, tv, radio, and magazines are to us today– public sources for political and social commentary, information, and entertainment.   Sometimes an actor, playing a… Read more »

Looking at the Stars

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I came across this splendid Oscar Wilde quotation today. “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” I’ve rarely read truer words.   Now, I imagine that everyone thinks they are one of the “star gazers”– one of the people with their eyes skyward– as opposed to being merely mired in the muck… Read more »

Pop-Culture: Opiate of the American Masses

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  The Russians under Lenin and then Stalin had their Christian faith, Russian Orthodoxy, to weather the ever-growing tyrannical regime.  From his observations of their faithful adherence to God under all circumstances, even the most torturous, Stalin came to agree with Marx’s statement that religion is the opiate of the masses- the numbing medication that allowed his vicious actions to… Read more »

Life Is Like Twilight…

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“Twilight”  (by Walt Whitman) The soft voluptuous opiate shades, The sun just gone, the eager light dispell’d– (I too will soon be gone, dispell’d,)  A haze– nirvana– rest and night–oblivion.   That line:  “I too will soon be gone, dispell’d” says so much about the brevity of life.  For how true is it that our life is but a vapor,… Read more »