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To confuse teaching with learning…

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” Many students, especially those who are poor, intuitively know what the schools do for them. They school them to confuse process and substance. Once these become blurred, a new logic is assumed: the more treatment there is, the better are the results; or, escalation leads to success. The pupil is thereby “schooled” to confuse teaching with learning, grade advancement… Read more »

Prisons and people…

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” Prisons do not disappear social problems, they disappear human beings. Homelessness, unemployment, drug addiction, mental illness, and illiteracy are only a few of the problems that disappear from public view when the human beings contending with them are relegated to cages ” – Angela Davis

Your “justice” system, America

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That Morally Repugnant Pro-Choice Position

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Innocent man on death row for 30 years released from prison

Let’s Fix a Justice System That Isn’t Working

A Response to This Poster…

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Let’s start at the top.  The organization that allegedly printed this advertisement is called “Choice in Health” clinic. It’s a fact that less than one percent of all abortions performed every year have anything to do with the health of the mother.  And we all know that the only interest in abortion procedure related to “health” concerning the unborn baby… Read more »

Yes, let’s

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Faith. Faith that it will hold you up… Faith that it will keep you from falling down to your death… Faith that it will be there beneath your feet, even when you close your eyes or look away… Faith that even after you’ve walked away, it will still be there, ready to support you when you choose to take that… Read more »

Even if we find [he] is actually innocent?

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Even if we find Mr. Amrine is actually innocent,  he should be executed? … The attorney general responded, “that’s correct, your honor.” This is your legal system, America.