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Simple Pleasures

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I’ve been blessed to be living with my cousin for the past month.  Not the least of her (and her husband’s) generosity to me is the fact that she’s an exceptional cook who truly enjoys the art.  (I think I’ve gained 10 pounds in the first month alone). Just two nights ago she baked up this little number while we… Read more »

Lists and Healthcare

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Making lists can bring a sense of control.  Lists can make definite and finite those things that in our minds loosely fit can feel like infinite and uncontrollable tasks. Lists often attempt to group like things.  But I find that lists of unlike things are just as pleasing to the mind- sometimes more so. Here’s a list that I made… Read more »

Iron & Wine plays Los Angeles (and I can’t go…)

The man who is my favorite singer/songwriter with an acoustic guitar and winner of the “most likely to be playing in Jeremy’s ear for the past several years” award is performing tonight and tomorrow night in Los Angeles.  It quite honestly puts a frown on my face to be unable to attend either show.   His name is Sam Beam…. Read more »

It’s Still Kobe’s NBA… (38 against the Jazz)

Kobe’s Lakers: One Down, Fifteen To Go

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Global Warming is a Reality (In the Northern Hemisphere that is)

That’s right, my friends.  For the next three months all those poor scientists who have been doing their best to maintain their funding by propping up and embellishing ideas about global warming are actually going to be correct in relation to the northern hemisphere!   Today is the Vernal Equinox for the northern hemisphere (those regions north of the equator)… Read more »

My Mother is a Published Author

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I’d like to offer a congratulations to my mom, Lillian Padilla Stock.  As of this month she is not only an artist who has sold several pieces of her artwork but who is now also a published author.  I am very proud of her.  She has always followed her dreams, and has been rewarded in so many ways, only lately… Read more »

Monday Vlog! (Sufjan Stevens, a rant, and more!)

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Some Books, Spilled Milk, and Something Vague

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Be sure to check out our YouTube channel:  TheFourFranks Books mentioned: American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis The Golem’s Eye by Jonathan Stroud The Lover by Marguerite Duras Song of the week: “Something Vague” by the one and only, the inimitable BRIGHT EYES. This is from an a rather old album called Fevers and Mirrors. Also:  Stockman214, my personal YouTube… Read more »