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The Moon Reminds Us…

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Sunset, Beach Style

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Disneyland in 20 Tweets

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Commercials for Disneyland always say something like, “where memories happen” or “come make memories that will last a lifetime.” I’ve always found those to be rather clichéd and even somewhat grandiose for a theme park to claim.  And perhaps those sorts of things are clichéd, and perhaps it is grandiose on their part, but sometimes memories that will last a… Read more »

Healthcare: Forced Upon Us All

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Fees, taxes, prices have increased steadily for as long as I’ve been alive.  Government takes more and more of my paycheck to fund many things I don’t even agree with.  With this Healthcare bill being rammed through Congress the government is about to take even more.  You and I will be forced to purchase health insurance if this bill passes,… Read more »

Lists and Healthcare

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Making lists can bring a sense of control.  Lists can make definite and finite those things that in our minds loosely fit can feel like infinite and uncontrollable tasks. Lists often attempt to group like things.  But I find that lists of unlike things are just as pleasing to the mind- sometimes more so. Here’s a list that I made… Read more »