About Jeremy

img_20161129_103427Welcome.  I’m an advocate for criminal justice reform.

Currently a State Bar of California Candidate, awaiting Bar Exam results (November 2017).

Hashtags I follow:

#WrongfulConvictions #CJReform #XONR8 #StandUp4Innocence #FreeTheCA12 #UltimateFrisbee

Thank you for being here.  I hope that you find something of value while you stay. 

What more to say about myself?  I’m a man not unlike most men I’d guess.  But I’m willing and wanting to use my voice for good.  I’m finding my voice every day, as I hope you are.  Also, I’m trying to use my voice every day, which is the real challenge sometimes.  When I’m successful at using my voice, I’m offering my life and my experiences, for what they’re worth, to you- hoping to shed some Light, share some joy, and send some humble compassion.  I also love playing Ultimate Frisbee and spending time with Miss Tezi. 🙂

img_20160907_193625Should I be so blessed to someday pass the Bar exam, I hope to work as an attorney defending those who have been wrongfully convicted, and providing other services for those seeking justice.  I’m also dedicated to raising awareness about the need for criminal justice reform.

I’d love for you to get involved in this cause.  Reach out.  Come closer.  Share your voice.

My motto in life can be summed up here: “To Do Justice, Love Mercy, and Walk Humbly.”

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