Clemency the Only Remaining Remedy for #FreeCA12

      28 Comments on Clemency the Only Remaining Remedy for #FreeCA12

Here’s a great TEDxTalk video by the Director and Co-Founder of the California Innocence Project (CIP), Justin Brooks.  In this succinct and entertaining talk you’ll get a quick history of Clemency in the legal system, you’ll learn a bit about the work that CIP does, and you’ll see that for the eight remaining wrongfully convicted of the #FreeTheCA12 (Those who have not yet been exonerated) the only remedy remaining to them is to be granted clemency by the governor of California (currently that is Jerry Brown).

There are many cases, unfortunately, where a person seeking to prove his or her innocence simply runs out of legal options once they’ve exhausted all the various appeals, both direct and collateral, habeas claims and otherwise.  Some people think (due in part to the seemingly “endless” amounts of time cases take to be adjudicated) that defendants can appeal their convictions as many times as they want to.  This is simply not true.  The amount of opportunities given to a defendant is very finite, and (from a defendant’s perspective) quite limited.  The eight innocent people that are remaining of the CA12 are in this most dismal situation: they have run out of legal options- they’ve used up all their appeals.  But there is still hope.  There is always hope!

That’s where clemency comes in.  Watch the video.  See what you think.


Here’s one of the eight: Dolores Macias.  Read her story here.

For more information and to join the cause come check out our Wrongful Conviction @Instagram page.  And follow us on @Twitter we tweet all things #WrongfulConviction #StandUp4Innocence #CJReform and #XONR8


28 thoughts on “Clemency the Only Remaining Remedy for #FreeCA12

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