Too Many People In Prison… For Too Long A Time

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Too many people in prison

For too many laws

For too long a time

We need to rethink some of that.

True words indeed, Grover Norquist. Even on Christmas- especially on Christmas!- we need to remember that our criminal justice system is broken and innocent people are suffering even at this very moment.

With over 2.2 MILLION people currently incarcerated in this country (a ghastly number), you have to understand that not all of them are rapists, murderers, and deadly thieves.  Many are non-violent drug addicts who need comprehensive drug treatment and addiction help.  Others were landed with draconian “tough on crime” sentences that all but the most staunch prosecutors agree are disproportional to the crime.  It’s difficult in many of these cases to understand how the sentences don’t qualify as “cruel and unusual” punishment when you compare their sentences to the crime.  Still others have severe mental health issues.  These types of cases reflect a large number of incarcerated persons.  These issues must be addressed, for these convicts the answer is not locking them up in a cage!  Furthermore, there is the issue of those wrongfully convicted.

We don’t know exactly how many people are currently behind bars as innocents; it’s been said that “only God knows.”  But even the most conservative statistics make it clear that there are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds (if not thousands) who right at this very moment are locked in prison wrongfully.  Think about that.

It’s time to bring relief to these incarcerated people society has all but written off.  It’s time to remember those in prison- for you too have a body.  Think about that.  

Let’s share this quote above and help spread the word to help make 2017 the year of Innocence.


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34 thoughts on “Too Many People In Prison… For Too Long A Time

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