Few Are They More In Need Of Advocacy Than Those Wrongly Imprisoned

We all have our causes, right?  We all have something we think to be the most (or among the most) important issues we face.  The wrongful conviction, mass incarceration, and general criminal justice reform issues that plague this country and this generation are at the forefront of my social consciousness. Criminal justice reform is one of the most important issues of our generation and it’s one that captures a lot of my attention.  The way the State, our government, our law enforcement handles “Justice” in this country is related to so many other issues of rights, power, corruption, abuse of authority, faith, compassion, and mercy.  The cry of the person behind bars (even rightly and especially wrongfully) has resonated for thousands of years in sacred writings, and ethics philosophy.  The Bible, the Apostles- Christ Jesus himself even- makes mention of those in prison in very important ways by way of commanding followers to remember prisoners and to visit them.

I hope to fulfill that call.

We are called as humans to help those in need.  We are reprimanded when we fail to show mercy and compassion to those less fortunate than us, especially when those people are particularly vulnerable and needy.

Think about those who have had their lives taken away by the hands of the State- think about being in their shoes.  Imagine if you, yourself, completely innocent, got caught up into the gears of justice only to find those gears crushing your very life?  It happens.  Those people need advocates.  Usually they are people already marginalized by society; they are the poor, the under-educated, they are the minorities, the voiceless.

If you too are interested in raising awareness about #CJReform – visit us at:




28 thoughts on “Few Are They More In Need Of Advocacy Than Those Wrongly Imprisoned

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