Journey To Star Wars: Lost Stars by Claudia Gray | Discussion & Review!

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What follows are the notes I made for myself prior to filming the video.  I hope you find them helpful/interesting.  It’s usually best just to watch the video.  🙂

What I liked:

Going through all the original episode’s from a different perspective, namely the perspective of two star-crossed friends and lovers: Ciena Ree, and Thane Kyrell.

Getting some back-story on some of the bit-part characters in the films, such as “Dak” who is killed in the snow speeder, from which Luke escapes battling the AT-ATs.

The long-term view of the story – watching the two main characters from their childhood through their adult and “professional” careers in their respective places.

Getting some fun cameos from Grand Moff Tarkin, Princess Leia, and Lando (Captian Calrisean)

What I didn’t like:

Humanizing, personalizing the Empire… making the Empire out to be something morally equivalent with the Rebel Alliance..  The people in the Empire (even some of the “bad” ones, were … incredibly… good people “on the inside” while still being part of the destruction of Alderan?)

Failure to see a distinction between Military actions and civilians/civilian actions… military targets vs civilian targets.

Trying so hard to rationalize the actions of the Empire, brought out some flaws in the thinking behind the book.

The casual sex and forced feminism behind Ciena the lead female character- being in love yet not wanting to be with him, because he’s a Rebel.  This all seemed forced.  

The lack of “The Force.”  I’ve noticed this in some of these new canon Disney SW books.  There’s a great de-emphasis on the use of the Force and more just on … blunt action and “luck” … the books are far less mystical … much less religious in this sense.  As a result they read more as sci-fi action dramas, as opposed to a more spiritual/mystical epic (as, to me, the former SW stories always shared, included.)

There was a sort of “critique” of the Rebel Alliance’s ideas/plans that questioned their wisdom and even greatly mitigated the victories achieved by the Rebels – leading the reader to think that, though heroic, the Rebels were too idealistic… and even Terroristic in their methods.  

The minimizing of the classic hero’s role in all the events belittled their actions, and lessened their importance… generally drawing down, and lowering much of the gravitas of the hero’s actions.  Also, calling into question The Force, Luke’s destruction of the Death Star being “very lucky”  and people in the Rebel Alliance not even knowing who Han Solo is… Etc.  As if their important actions were going unsung and un-recognized in the Rebellion community.  It’s silly to postulate it.  Even worse to write it into new canon.  

Where was Darth Vader?  The Emperor’s appearance and “threat” at the end was good…

But even then.. Once she realizes that the Empire is fully evil… she rather chooses death than breaking her oath?  And afterwards… she won’t even consider joining her love and becoming part of the New Republic … ?   (Very unsatisfying ending on the emotional level).  Would it be so wrong for her to renounce her past wrongheaded thinking and allegiances to join with love and gusto the new cause for good?  
Here are a lot more Star Wars related Stockman vids!

88 thoughts on “Journey To Star Wars: Lost Stars by Claudia Gray | Discussion & Review!

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