Lord of the Rings Book Talk 6 | We Finished Fellowship! | M.E. Music & More!

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Well… we finished the first volume of the Lord of the Rings trilogy: The Fellowship of the Ring!  In this sixth installment of book talks we discuss Gimli’s assertion that Galadriel is the most beautiful creature in Middle Earth, the central role of music and songs in Tolkien’s writing and how that’s lost on the film goers.  In addition, I share with you one of my favorite passages of the Great River chapter: The Argonath!

Tezi and I hope that you enjoy these discussion videos- we’ve certainly had a great time filming them.

We’re reading The Lord of the Rings in full, so there’s plenty more to follow! Join us!

Part 1 General introduction and invitation to join us!

Part 2 We discuss, among other things, the importance of Memory in Tolkien’s writing.

Part 3 Tezi and I answer a couple fun and interesting questions about alternative ways to “solve” the Ring problem!

Part 5 The Elven Rings of Power and what will be their fate if THE ONE RING gets destroyed, and Frodo’s vision!

More Tolkien talk!

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