Lord of the Rings Book Talk 5 | The Elven Rings of Power & Frodo’s Vision!


Tezi & I just finished reading The Fellowship of the Ring!, the first volume of The Lord of the Rings trilogy. We here discuss some fun topics from the end-sections of the Fellowship and we hope that you enjoy listening in.

We’d love for you to join our conversation here! Please feel free to comment and add your own input! How is your reading of the Lord of the Rings going? What are some of the elements that stand out in your mind?

Among other things Tezi and I talk about what happens to the Elvish rings of power (The Three Rings) if/when the One Ring gets destroyed.

We also discuss Frodo’s epic “vision” sequence as he experiences it on Amon Hen, the Seat of Seeing, before making his big decision to break the Fellowship and go off to Mordor alone!

We’re STILL reading The Lord of the Rings in full, so there’s plenty more to follow! Join us!

Part 1 General introduction and invitation to join us!

Part 2 We discuss, among other things, the importance of Memory in Tolkien’s writing.

Part 3 Tezi and I answer a couple fun and interesting questions about alternative ways to “solve” the Ring problem!

(The Second Part of this talk is coming soon!)

19 thoughts on “Lord of the Rings Book Talk 5 | The Elven Rings of Power & Frodo’s Vision!

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