Bargain Book Haul | Used Books & Goodwill Gets!


What’s better than saving tons of money on books?! – buying bargain books while on a road trip through the Southwest!

Here’s the books that Tezi and I picked up (at dirt cheap prices!) while on a recent road trip. We hope you enjoy the selections!

Let us know if any of these books interest you, or if you’ve already read one or more of them- did we make good choices?! Where should we start reading?

Two really awesome Used Book Stores we highly recommend:

Big Star Books & Music (Santa Fe, New Mexico)

Southwest Book Trader (Durango, Colorado)

We also highly recommend dropping into your local Goodwill thrift store; tezi and I have found some really good books at excellent prices, sometimes just fifty cents a book!  And hey, you can even shop online at the Goodwill!

Tell us your thoughts! And thank you for watching!

13 thoughts on “Bargain Book Haul | Used Books & Goodwill Gets!

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