Fellowship of the Ring Book Talk 2 | Tolkien & Memory


Tezi and I are introducing the beginning of a series of videos on The Lord of the Rings in which we hope to discuss various topics that either interest us or in some way bring about a discussion between the two of us. We hope that you find the discussions informative. if not entertaining. We encourage you to read The Lord of the Rings yourself if you haven’t already, and also remind you that there are few books that offer more reward in rereading than this one.

In this video we talk about the motif of Memory in Tolkien’s writing. There are so many rich elements within the pages of The Lord of the Rings that we can but touch on a few of them, but here we bring the fellowship into Lothlorien after their travails in Moria, and it serves as a catalyst for what an important role Memory plays in the layered poetry that is the account of Middle Earth.

Thank you for taking the time to visit – or shall we say, thank you for remembering to stop in on us. We wish you the best, and here’s looking forward to the next Tolkien Talk.

13 thoughts on “Fellowship of the Ring Book Talk 2 | Tolkien & Memory

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