Hopeless Wanderer | Carpool Karaoke! | Road Trip, Spring 2016!


“Nooo doon’t dooo itttttt!!” – Therese Brown.  “But it’s so fun!!!!” – Jeremy Stock.

On our last road trip, Tezi and I had many hours of driving as we headed to the Sierra Nevada mountains north of Yosemite, south of Tahoe. One of our favorite pastimes was singing along to some of our favorite songs. Here we share with you one such song that happened to be stuck in Tezi’s head for daaays on end. We also included some clips from the trip to share with you some of the joy and beauty that we experienced out in the wild.

Here’s from two hopeless wanderers to you.

Not all those who wander are lost.” – J.R.R. Tokien  (But we sure were…) 😉

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About Jeremy

Glad to have a second chance on life, by God's grace.

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