Fellowship of the Ring | Book Talk, Car Talk!


On our most recent camping trip Tezi and I began reading The Lord of the Rings.  Here we are reading it by the fire on one of the nights out under the stars:


It’s been an engrossing experience for me and quite an enjoyable experience for Tezi.  As I’ve noted before on this blog, I have read The Lord of the Rings many times over, and that includes listening to the superb audiobook recording narrated by Rob Inglis.  Tezi has read a lot of The Lord of the Rings, but has yet to complete the entire saga.  She is of course a fan, having seen the movies (extended editions) many times, and has acquainted herself well with the story in general.  So for us to be listening together, with our combined and divergent experience with Tolkien’s epic, has been most refreshing.  For me, it feels as if I’m reading it with a new set of eyes.  The reading feels very fresh, and I’ve even picked up on some elements that have hitherto gone unnoticed, or that I’ve at least forgotten that I once knew.  Knowing that some of these deeper detailed elements not found in the films are being experienced by Tezi, in a sense, anew, gives me an added joy – seeing her reaction, whether it be surprise, a piqued curiosity, or a deeper understanding.

In short, it’s been a lot of fun.  Going through some of the more informative chapters, such as the initiating “The Shadow of the Past” and “The Council of Elrond,” has deepened our appreciation for the depth and breadth of Tolkien’s subcreation.  In this video, Tezi and I are trying something new, and that is vlogging, or in other words, chatting on film, discussing these early experiences with the book.  We hope that you enjoy our Car Talk Book Chat.  You can likely expect to see more of these sorts of conversations.  Please leave us your feedback, questions, comments, thoughts, and ideas.

Speak friend and enter.

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