Cold Water Jumping in Donner Lake, CA! (It’s cold!)


Tezi and I spent last week camping in the Sierra Nevada mountains, in an area north of Yosemite and about an hour and a half south of Lake Tahoe.  Our new secret place, as we like to call it, was basically devoid of any humans besides ourselves, but we did venture out a couple of times into more populated areas.  One such day was a quick trip out to Donner Lake in Truckee, CA, the location most famous for the tragic survival story (that included cannibalism) of the Donner Party.  Tezi and I arrived at the lake in much less tragic circumstances, though we did find the water to be quite cold.  It took some convincing, but even Tezi joined me in the mad run and jump into the frigid snow-melt water that is Donner Lake.  Here is a short video that we put together to share with you those fun moments.  We hope that you enjoy it.  Lord willing, there’s more to come soon.

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Glad to have a second chance on life, by God's grace.

9 thoughts on “Cold Water Jumping in Donner Lake, CA! (It’s cold!)

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