Jer & Tez Review The Aeronaut’s Windlass | Bk 1 of a new Steampunk Series!


Tezi & I have completed our first audio book together and we’re excited to summarize and review it for you here!  We thoroughly enjoyed Jim Butcher’s book one of the Cinder Spires series: The Aeronaut’s Windlass!

This is my first time reading steam punk and Tezi’s first audio book ever!  So it was a few firsts for us, and we were blessed to enjoy the experience all around.

Enjoy the video as I hope that you get a chance to experience the book also for yourself.  Once you’ve done so please let us know your thoughts and opinions.

Thank you for being here.  Thank you.


Find your voice,


J&T, Second day of Spring, 2016.


P.s., Currently, Tezi is reading Garth Nix’s Sabriel, and Jeremy has just begun reading Neal Stephenson’s cyber-punk thriller, Snow Crash.


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