We Stopped Reading Mindy Kaling’s novel “Why Not Me?”


Why not us?  Here’s why:

Last night, Tezi and I started reading Mindy Kaling’s new book Why Not Me. We picked it up again this evening.  We didn’t get that far into it before we realized that we didn’t like it at all.

It wasn’t funny. It was … silly. It was trite, insubstantial, and …. pretty pointless.

It was also crass and even crude at times. So we stopped it, and we returned the book.

Here’s to hoping that Rainn Wilson’s book The Bassoon King is better!

(Tezi & I are big fans of the TV show The Office, and wished that the creative and even touching (at times) humor of The Office had made its way into Kaling’s newest book.)

Jer & Tez
March 8, 2016


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