Saturn Run by John Sandford and Ctein (Reviewed)

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saturn runOK. There were some parts of Sandford’s Saturn Run that I liked a lot. It had its moments, where I was drawn in, intrigued, and even curious. But there were other parts of the story that just fell sort of flat in my mind, and still other parts that bothered me.

Stuff I liked: The science in the story is excellent. It’s claimed by the authors to be “real” science… no “want-om physics” just real quantum physics. So knowing that this story had a certain plausibility to it did increase my interest. I enjoyed how simple the story came across. The story was not hard to follow and the characters were clear in my mind, etc.

Stuff that fell flat: Certain elements of the story that created interest and increased the excitement… ended up being not that interesting… not that important. Perhaps this happens due to the authors’ interest in keeping it “real”. Regardless, I just never really felt that any of the exciting moments where cashed out, they just sort of fizzled after (to my mind) promising to sizzle.

Stuff that bothered me: The authors do what is all too common in modern novels. Cultural-social-neo-political correctness at large. Everyone is (potentially) sleeping with everyone else, including homosexual, and bisexual relationships… with orgies. (?) I had the sense at times during this novel that the authors were trying to show that even hard science (nerds) can and do know what sex is and therefore flaunt their sexual knowledge in words. It was tiresome.

Overall, minus some of the silly and flat elements, it’s a story that will generally hold your interest and even educate you on some level, if not ever really bowling you over with suspense or satisfaction.



Here’s two science fiction alternatives that WILL deliver!  Aurora by Kim Stanley Robinson, and Seveneves by Neal Stephenson.  Enjoy!  (look for upcoming booktube video reviews on these two novels.)




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