Making A Murderer: Books On Wrongful Convictions!

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If you haven’t yet seen the documentary MAKING A MURDERER, you’ve probably at least heard about it, or heard other people talking about it.

The Netflix ten-part documentary about Steven Avery & Brendan Dassey has a lot of people talking… and talking means thinking! Dive deeper into the story here, you’ll find that the world of wrongful convictions is much larger than you could have imagined.

Whether or not you believe Steven Avery is innocent, you must see that Brendan Dassey did not receive a fair trial. There is a LOT of doubt concerning Brendan Dassey, and that he is still behind bars is a travesty of justice. Dassey deserves a fair trial. He was not convicted beyond a reasonable doubt!

The question may still be open concerning Avery, but it’s a fascinating story nonetheless. And here in this video I recommend to you more than a few books on the topic of Wrongful Convictions that serve a great starting point for better understanding just what Dassey and Avery are up against.

From Damien Echols spending eighteen years of his life on death row for crimes he was innocent of, to Jeffrey MacDonald, the surgeon convicted of murdering his wife and child(ren?) to the hundreds and even thousands of other less known cases from across the country, you will improve your life knowledge and compassion to learn of these stories.

Everyone wants to believe in our justice system. Everyone wants to believe that it always works well, that it at least works well the vast majority of the time… But sometimes (and sometimes happens far too often in this country) the system fails … and fails miserably, leaving destruction of lives in its wake.

These are books on the topic of the very real and very pervasive problem in our country: innocent people being thrown into prison for crimes that they did not commit. It not only hurts the innocent person and their family, but it makes society that much less safe, since the real criminal is (in these cases) still out there.

I hope that this encourages you to dig a little deeper into the interest that Making a Murderer has perhaps sparked in you. Steven Avery’s story is just the tip of the iceberg, I assure you.


12 thoughts on “Making A Murderer: Books On Wrongful Convictions!

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