Adult Coloring Books & Audio Books: A Great Combo!


Tezi and I have recently found a new, fun, and relaxing way to spend some time together. We’ve begun combining our love of reading with the big kid inside of us by coloring as we listen to audiobooks! We know that you probably have already seen people talking about these adult coloring books – many have touted their calming effects. But we just think it’s fun. 🙂 Tezi says that she feels that she’s able to concentrate better on the book to have her visual focus be on her coloring, as it keeps her mind from wandering, so to speak. The coloring books themselves offer a wide variety of pallets and templates, some extremely detailed and requiring a steady hand, while others just allow you to be a kid again: coloring within the lines is of course entirely optional.

This hobby we began very recently, and the first book that we’ve decided to listen to/read is the first of a new series by Jim Butcher, who is well known for his Dresden Files series, called The Aeronaut’s Windlass. This is a steampunk fantasaical adventure story that most certainly stretches your imaginative brain function. It’s a great combination for the use of applied colored pencils and markers on white paper. There seems to be something special about the simplicity and very right-brained activity that can’t help but be beneficial to both body and soul.

I think that Tezi and I feel very grateful just to be so blessed as to quietly spend time together sharing our creative visions as we share in the creative vision of a professional storyteller. If you haven’t yet tried these coloring books or if you’ve been coloring for years, let us know your thoughts and experiences – we’d love to hear from you.

10 thoughts on “Adult Coloring Books & Audio Books: A Great Combo!

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