The Force Awakens Rated & Ranked Among All 7 Star Wars Films!


Here’s where we each rate The Force Awakens, but we don’t stop there!  We also rank each film from worst to best, all seven films!

Don’t miss this last part of the fun Star Wars conversation we had with Jeremy Cremer right after we all saw the blockbuster film on opening day!

Before getting to our ratings and rankings we have a fruitful and interesting discussion about how the film ends- Luke and the future of the franchise!  Don’t miss a single moment.

It’s been a lot of fun talking Star Wars.  This is Part 4, the final segment of an enjoyable conversation.  Be sure to enjoy all of them!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

At this point Jeremy Cremer has seen the film three times (going on four), Tezi three times, and Jeremy two times (Though Jeremy has now also read the novelization of the film, which was like watching the film in slow motion.  A review is soon to come, Lord willing).20151217_143247

Find your voice.

May the Force be with you!

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