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So the day we have long been waiting for finally arrived. We set off towards the movie theater on the morning of the 18th of December, both of us sporting our new Star Wars shirts, and on the drive Tezi followed a tutorial to style her hair like Rey, the new female lead in The Force Awakens, who turns out to be a totally awesome girl and has quickly become one of our favorite Star Wars characters of any era. Jeremy was very impressed to see that in a matter of minutes Tezi successfully achieved Rey’s hairstyle, and proceeded to wear it for the rest of the day.

We went first to Whole Foods where Jeremy grabbed some breakfast to go, including breakfast potatoes, quiche, and breakfast chilaquiles. In addition, he got some Bhakti chai, but was disappointed to find that they didn’t have his favorite kind, the coffee blend. When checking out, we added a peanut butter cookie and a chocolate chocolate chip cookie.

20151218_114323The Whole Foods is right across the street from the movie theater, which had the movie starting in a few minutes. Jeremy and Tezi did not arrive overly early (surprise surprise). As the audience was still milling about the theater preparing for the movie to begin, which was still scheduled to be minutes away, with the lights on in the theater and most people still out at the concession stand, the projectionist made a mistake and started playing the movie without sound to the chagrin of the audience.

Once we figured out that the film really was playing, clearly by accident, and without any sound, the audience began vocalizing their anger, yelling variations on “Stop the movie! Turn it off! Restart the movie!” and “Noooo!” In order to not have the experience of this new film completely soiled, Tezi and I did our best to look away from the screen and keep talking to one another to keep us focused. Tezi asked me to describe my breakfast to her. After a very frustrating five to seven minutes, during which many people had gotten up to go an speak to the manager, most in disbelief, the film finally came to a halt. Several minutes later, the movie proceeded as it ought to have originally, with the previews and everything. And for the next two plus hours, it’s safe to say that Jeremy and Tezi were in a state of theatrical excitement and joy. We laughed, we cried, we looked at one another wide-eyed, and ultimately left the theater very pleased. We both thoroughly enjoyed the film, Jeremy even making the comment while walking to the car, “I can finally forget about the prequels – Star Wars is back!” He also said later that day that the film, The Force Awakens, is what Star Wars fans were hoping it would be. The film is far from perfect, but overall, we have an excitement now for Star Wars, that we haven’t felt in a long time – an optimism about the future of Star Wars films.

20151218_085937Straight from the theater we drove to play Ultimate Frisbee in Fullerton (Tezi was tricked into going), where though they had fun, Jeremy bruised his knee cap while making a rolling catch in the dirt. After ultimate, we grabbed some El Pollo Loco and capped off our lunch with some delicious Starbucks. God is good.

That evening, we had a fun conversation with our friend Jeremy, who had also just seen the film, wherein we discussed our reactions, thoughts, and opinions concerning this new installment of the Star Wars saga, which is set to exceed opening sales of any movie ever. We hope that you enjoy the conversation, but please be warned, we talked about the movie’s plot with no regard to spoilers, so watch at your own risk.

All in all, it was a very joyous and memorable day, and we’re pleased to express here our great gratitude at the blessings showered upon us.

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