Beginning to Look (and Feel) a lot like Christmas!

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas indeed!

20151212_164044Tezi and I are decorating the noble fir Christmas tree that we purchased yesterday.  It’s an exciting and joyous time.  We wanted to share our love with you, wishing you all of the blessings of God during this season where we celebrate the birth of the Christ, Jesus of Nazareth, called Emmanuel.  

On our shopping trip this afternoon looking primarily for Christmas tree decorations at Big Lots and Dollar Tree, we took some detours to find cheap Star Wars t-shirts … to no avail.  Bummer.  We’d love to find some Star Wars shirts for under ten dollars, but so far, we’ve found nothing.  Kinda like the DVD’s going for more than $50 online.  Ridiculous.  

20151213_150100I’m working on a video that tells the story of our Christmas tree search and decorating fun. I hope that you enjoy it.  We’ll let you know how things are going, and we hope to hear from you.  How’s your Christmas/Advent going?  What have been the highlights and the memories made?  

I come from a broken home, my parents divorcing after 30 years of marriage almost a decade ago.  My mother lives out of state.  It’d be a blessing to all be together this Christmas, but that seems like it won’t happen again (in the near future at least).  But I’m looking forward to being able to be with my father, sister and niece.  Tezi will be flying home to be with her intact family, which is a huge blessing.  I’m really thankful she gets to experience that joy.  

Some 2,000 years ago a baby was born in a small Jewish town of little significance.  His birth changed the world.  No matter what your own beliefs may be in regards to God and the future of humanity, you cannot pretend that there has been a single figure in history more monumental to western civilization than that of Christ Jesus.  Beyond that, Jesus performed miracles before thousands of people over the course of at least three years, demonstrating His position as one sent by God- being the very Son of God by His own declaration.  This truth I still proclaim so many years later.  By faith I follow His example in life and death- His death ending true death forever.  

go out and liveSomeday I will die.  My body will cease to be on this earth.  But that is not the end.  I will live on.  And my prayer and hope is that by faith in Jesus, He will bless me into the unending future.  At His mercy I live.  At His mercy I die.  At His mercy.  

Such is my faith, dear reader.  You have been called to this same faith.  Perhaps today you will hear the Call as you have never before.  





Jeremy & Tezi


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