(Elizziebooks) Liz Vallish, BookTuber Extraordinaire!, Interviewed!


Tez and I sit down with Liz Vallish, BookTuber extraordinaire!, of Elizziebooks for a nice chat!  Come check out this fun and inspiring interview!

Liz took time out of her busy schedule to be interviewed and we’re so thankful!  We had a lot of fun during this interview, and the time flew by as a result.  Here’s part one, be sure to see all three parts!

We hope that you not only enjoy this interview but that you find it inspiring and even informative – as we did!  Liz has found her voice and she’s been using it well for years now as one of the staples of the BookTube community, with her own Elizziebooks BookTube News!

Come learn from her experience.  We sure have.

Please leave your thoughts and comments – what questions would you like addressed in future interviews!  We always are excited to interact with you.


5 thoughts on “(Elizziebooks) Liz Vallish, BookTuber Extraordinaire!, Interviewed!

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