Our Favorite Things of November 2015!

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With November behind us, we want to share with you some of our favorite things from the month. From books to holiday drinks, from music to movies, come find some recommendations that you might enjoy or even use as gift ideas. We live in a world that has so many products, so many services, and we know that we’re often inundated by advertisements, people pushing this or that, but these recommendations reflect some real world things that we’ve really enjoyed or gotten great use out of, and we wanted to share those things with you all. We of course are not paid to sponsor any of these items.

So we hope that you enjoy this fun look back at some of our faves from the 11th month of 2015.

Life is so full of blessings, and Tezi and I are certainly the recipients of many. We want to make it clear that a video such as this is certainly not intended to brag or in any way over-emphasize the importance of consumer goods, but rather just to offer from our humble existence these things that are part of the canvas of blessings we enjoy in God’s bounty.

The message of Finding Your Voice is one that is very comprehensive, and videos like this are intended to demonstrate exactly how wide a berth such a concept entails. We are blessed to share with you from a place of joy, humility, and sheer gratitude at the countless good things and simple pleasures we’ve experienced in our lives. These represent a few of those things that have caused us to reflect on our bounty. And so out of the surplus of these joys we use our voice and offer our smiles and friendship.

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