How To Make Today Better Than Yesterday – Avoid the Old Mistakes!


Overcoming bad habits is not easy. We often carry a lot of shame and guilt for our past decisions, even if it was just yesterday. In this video, Jer & Tezi help you learn how to avoid making the same bad choices over and over again. Here’s how to make today better than yesterday. Here’s one step in the right direction: being a better person today than you were yesterday.

We all make mistakes. We’re all human. Here’s some tips and advice for self help, a how-to on overcoming bad habits and addictions.

I hope that this day’s sunrise did bring you hope. Hope for a better day, hope and a conviction within yourself that today you will be better than you were yesterday.

The previous post HERE was very well received and it seemed a good idea to make a video form of the blog post.  The original blog post is called:

Decide NOW what to do when trigger feelings come today

This is the core of the advice given in this video, and I hope that it is helpful to you when you’re on the path of making better choices today than you did yesterday (or last week, or last year).

We’re all on different paths.  I’m not a sage.  I’m not a wise or particularly intelligent man.  I’m just someone who has been given another day on God’s earth and I’m sharing my story, sharing my life, as it is, for what it’s worth.  Tezi and I both believe in the power of connection and the power of expression.

Connection usually follows expression.  So please, come connect with us.  We’d love to hear from you.  Let us know if the advice given here or in the original post is helpful and in what ways we can make it better for upcoming posts and vids.

Your voice matters.  Your past does not define you if you learn from it and make changes now.

Find Your Voice,

Jer & Tez



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